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Celebrating 10 Years of Consistent Membership Rates

The Two Rivers YMCA has a long history of serving the IL Quad Cities Community. This is done in many ways through programming, services, and membership. And here's an interesting fact: As of today, September 1, 2021, our membership rates have remained the same for TEN YEARS. 

That's right! For an entire decade there have been zero increases to membership rates. And don't worry, there are no plans to change them now. 

The Two Rivers YMCA’s ability to avoid increasing membership rates is made possible by continued efforts to grow more efficiently in operations while serving more members year after year.

In celebration of 10 years, here’s a list of 10 things that come free with a membership:

  1. Free Use of the Wellness Centers
  2. Free Use of the Pools
  3. Free Group Exercise Classes
  4. Free Use of the Sauna, Steam Room, and Whirlpools
  5. Free ChildWatch in our Kids Adventure Center
  6. Free Use of the Gymnasiums
  7. Free Use of the Sports Courts
  8. Free Virtual YMCA membership for On-Demand exercise classes
  9. Free special interest groups and support groups in the mobile app
  10. Free Nationwide Membership to visit other YMCAs in the country

In addition to providing consistent membership rates, the Y also made sure that no one would be turned away from the Y due to the inability to pay. In August 2013, 8 years ago, Income-Based Membership rates were introduced, providing affordable rates based on household income levels.

The Two Rivers YMCA dedication to the community remains as consistent and long-standing as our membership rates. Thank you to all our members and donors for the support.