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Irene Parker reflects on her wellness journey with her Personal Trainer Megan Johnson: "I started with my trainer to lose weight for my son's upcoming wedding. I want to look good for the pictures. I had a lot of work to do and not much motivation." "I started training with Megan and my journey began.

She reads me like a book. She asks me how that feels and immediately knows if I need to go heavier in the weight for that workout. Even though, sometimes I try to hide it." "The workouts are awesome and I look forward to them every week. She keeps me on my toes and changes the workouts every time. I can't predict what I'm going to do next or how many reps I am going to do. She keeps my workouts fun, entertaining, and challenging. I'm inspired by her to keep working out, even on days I don't meet with her. If she doesn't receive a text about my workouts, she is texting me asking, 'How did your workout go today?'" "Megan has been my lifesaver.

I have had a lot of stress due to the passing of my father. She has kept me positive and motivated. Without her, I would not be where I am today. Through her I have found out that the best way to relieve stress is to workout." "I have already signed up to continue my workouts with Megan and plan on continuing. She is AWESOME, INSPIRING, POSITIVE, and MOTIVATIONAL. I always look forward to my next workout! Thank you Megan for being the great trainer and person that you are!"