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Cal reflects on what the Y has meant to her, her husband Ammon, and their two kids: The Two Rivers YMCA has been a staple for our family for many years. A place for our family to go, not only to build healthy bodies but, to grow and strengthen relationships. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important for our family and the Y allows us to do that in a safe and comfortable environment. I know that when my kids are in the Kid's Adventure Center, or even playing on their own in the facility, that they are looked after and are having a good time. They look forward to going the Y to see friends and are disappointed if we are unable to go. 

My kids have enjoyed participating in many YMCA programs such as swimming, soccer, gymnastics and kid's night out. More recently my daughter has started participating in group fitness classes and she loves them! I think it so important to let kids see that moving and fitness can be fun and the Y is playing a big part is helping our children develop healthy habits. 

My husband and I also have taken advantage of personal training and wellness challenges at the Y to help us along our fitness journeys. I think we are very fortunate to have a wonderful facility like the Two Rivers YMCA that not only is helping my family to stay healthy but helping to build a healthier community as well!

Locations: Two Rivers YMCA
Category: Personal Y Stories