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THE TRIP® is a cutting-edge cycling class that transports riders into a virtual world where they ride together on an exciting journey through a captivating digital landscape.

THE TRIP is a 40-minute multi-peak cycling workout with mixed efforts of short explosive bursts, endurance phases and recoveries. The class takes motivation and energy output to the next level, increasing endurance, building muscle, improving stability, and burning calories.

2 Ways to take THE TRIP

  1. Attend a scheduled class
    View the schedule in our Mobile App or on the tablet in the Cycling Room to see when a pre-scheduled THE TRIP class will auto-play
  2. On Demand
    Can't make a scheduled class? Come on your own time and use the tablet to hit play on THE TRIP

Request a "CYCLING SMART START" - Available through November 2021
Schedule a free 15 minute in-person set up with our Wellness Staff. We will help you set up the stationary bike and walk you through how to use the tablet.
To request a Cycling Smart Start, Submit Your Request and our Wellness Staff will contact you to schedule your Cycling Smart Start.


Benefits of THE TRIP

THE TRIP is more than a workout - it’s an immersive experience that draws you in and lets you forget you’re even exercising. Each workout will help you:

  • Burn calories
  • Shape and tone leg muscles
  • Increase cardio fitness and stamina
  • Feel the endorphin rush


When can I experience THE TRIP?


THE TRIP is on demand and available anytime between scheduled classes in our Cycling Room.


As you enter the Cycling Room there is a tablet to the left where you can see the current schedule for each day of the week.
There are 3 things you'll see on this schedule:

  • Instructor-Led classes (Cycling, RPM, SPRINT) where a Y group exercise instructor will lead the class
  • Virtual classes (virtual THE TRIP, virtual RPM, and virtual SPRINT) which are scheduled to play automatically on the TV
  • [blank/open] Whenever you see an opening in the schedule that time is open and available for you to start a virtual class, like THE TRIP, on demand.

You can also view the schedule in our Mobile App and reserve your spot for a scheduled class. Open time in the cycling room is "first come - first served."


To start THE TRIP:

  1. Go to the tablet and click the green button in the bottom right corner labeled "Choose your favorite class"
  2. Then scroll left or right to view On Demand classes.
  3. When you've found THE TRIP class, select it to play
  4. Hop on a bike and get riding!
Will this cause motion sickness?

For those sensitive to motion sickness, THE TRIP may cause discomfort. However, for the average user, once on a bike and moving motion sickness is unlikely.

I've never done a cycling class before...

Just getting started? No worries! Start with one class per week and build up to 2-3 max as you become more experienced. You an change the impact and intensity by choosing the more challenging options your instructor offers the class. All you need is comfortable workout clothes, supportive shoes, a water bottle and a sweat towel.

How to get set up on the bike for THE TRIP