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Before & After School Childcare is available to children in grades K through 6th and held at many Illinois Quad Cities elementary schools.

These programs offer MORE than just childcare:

  • Homework support
  • Healthy meals and snacks
  • Fun games to release energy
  • Free play to foster creativity
  • Character building mini-lessons on the Y's core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, & Responsibility

State Assistance is accepted and financial aid is available. Give us a call for more details.




Quality childcare conveniently located at your school. 

As part of the Y's School Age Childcare (SAC) staff members plan each day with new and exciting activities which develop spirit, mind, and body. Our goal is for each child to feel successful about his/her accomplishments.  An after school "super snack" is provided through Nourish, a youth nutrition collaborative.

Kindergarten through 6th

Offered at select elementary school sites in Moline, East Moline, Rock Island-Milan, and Silvis school districts.

Before School (AM): 6:30am until the morning bell
After School (PM): dismissal until 5:30pm

AM Rate: $8/Members or $9/Community
PM Rate: $15/Members or $16/Community

AM & PM (same day) $18/Members or $20/Community

Financial Assistance is available! Please call or stop in for more details.

(NOTE: if a school is dismissed early due to weather or an emergency there will be NO After School Childcare. If a school announces a late start due to weather or an emergency, there will be NO Before School Childcare.)

A snack is served to students each day. Have a food allergy that requires substitutions or modifications to the provided lunch?  Download THIS FORM and have your primary care physician fill it out and return to Cami or Shannon.  For questions, please contact the email Nourish Director, Joe Moreno or call 309-428-3073.

  February 2024 Super Snack Menu

Before & After School documents:


Follow these 2 Steps to get Registered

 STEP #1: Child's Info Form 

Complete this one-time per school year, free, no obligation form with all of your child's information including any allergies, medications, and emergency contacts.
If your child's info was provided last year and no information has changed this step can be skipped.

  Child's Info Form

 STEP #2: Select your School 

Select your school below and choose the from AM or PM times you wish to register for.
If your school is not listed please reach out to Shannon or Cami our School Age Care Directors. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Is a YMCA Membership required?

Nope. But, you will need an online account set up with the Y (this is free!) in order to log in, register, and pay for programs online.

You might be wondering if you already have an account with us or if one needs to be created... We've put together a How To Guide to help you figure that out.

Need more help? Give us a call and we can help you out. 309-797-3945

How does payment work?

Payment is due ahead of your child attending the program. You can pay for a day at a time, a week at a time, a month - whatever suits you!

Simply go online, select the days/times that you plan for your child to attend and submit your payment locking in your child's spot.

Sorry, there are no refunds for past paid days that your child did not attend. Given enough advanced notice, future paid days may be refunded at staff discretion. 

State assistance is accepted and financial aid is available. Please give us a call for more details before making a payment.

How do I sign my child in and out every day?

When you use the Before & After School program, please call the Y site phone for entry instructions.  If you are using the Moline-East Moline YMCA SOC program, please pull up to the front doors of the Spirit, Mind & Body Center when dropping off and a staff person will meet you at the car.  For pick up, you will need to park and come in the front doors of the Spirit, Mind & Body Center.  If you are using the Rock Island YMCA SOC program, you will need to park and enter the building for drop off and pick up.

The child will only be dismissed to the individuals listed on the Child Info Form. Picture ID is required at all times by anyone picking children up from the program.

Do I need to let site staff know if my child is or is not attending the program?

YES. Please call the Y cell phone number to leave a message if any changes are necessary during the week to your original schedule. (This only applies to those families who will be using the after school program).

Who is authorized to pick my child up?

ONLY INDIVIDUALS YOU INDICATE ON YOUR CHILD’S INFO FORM OR NOTE FROM YOU STATING OTHERS. This is for the child’s protection. We will not release a child to anyone without proper authorization. Picture ID is required at all times by anyone picking children up from the program.

When is the program staff responsible for my child?

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD WHEN THEY ARE SIGNED IN DURING THE BEFORE SCHOOL PROGRAM AND WHEN A CHILD ARRIVES IN OUR AREA DURING THE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM. They are under our care until an authorized person signs them out. It is up to you to register in advance, for the days in which your child will be attending.

Is there a late pick up policy?

YES. The program closes at 5:30pm. We use Y Cell Phone time as our guideline. If a parent arrives after this time, they are considered late. The first occurrence is a written warning placed in their file. All other times will result in a $1.00 per late minute, per child charge, that needs to be paid when you pick up the child. Further actions will be taken with families that have repeated tardiness.

Will you administer medication to my child?

YES. All over-the-counter and prescription medication should be brought directly to the staff in a prescription bottle and an “Authorization to Administer Medication” form must be filled out by the parent/guardian with instructions as to quantity, time to administer, name and phone of the prescribing doctor, and the name of the pharmacy. Instructions on the pill bottle, such as quantity and time, must match instructions provided by the parent on the “Authorization to Administer Medication” form.

  Authorization to Administer Medication From

What happens if my child is ill?

WE WILL CALL YOU TO PICK YOUR CHILD UP IF THEY ARE SICK.  Children will not be allowed to stay that day in the program and will need to be picked up ASAP.  Children may not return until they are symptom free.  Please do not send your child to the morning program if they are feeling ill or have symptoms as well.

What happens if my child is injured?

WE WILL DETERMINE IF THE INJURY IS SERIOUS OR MINOR. If we are unsure, we will contact you immediately. If it is a minor bump, scrape, or bruise, we will wash the area with soap, water, apply ice, or a bandage. An incident report will be filled out and we will let you know what happened at sign out. Our staff is unable to administer medication unless the parent fills out an “Authorization to Administer Medication” form.

If your child is seriously injured the staff will take any means necessary to obtain emergency medical care or administer CPR. If we are unable to contact you to make decisions, we will administer emergency first aid, call 911, and have your child taken to the nearest hospital with our staff present until you arrive.

What if I object to emergency medical care for my child due to religious reasons?


How do I find my tax statements?

Find your tax statements by accessing your online account profile.


What do I do if my child has food allergy?

Download THIS FORM and have your primary care physician fill it out and return to Cami or Shannon.  For questions, please email the Nourish Director, Joe Moreno or call 309-428-3073.