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We have exceeded our Pre-Registration Limit and can no longer accept new registrations at this time. If you have already registered and need to reserve additional days please proceed to your camp below.



YMCA Summer Camp provides worthwhile summertime activities for kids and peace of mind for parents. Summer day camp at the Y provides personal enrichment and fun new experiences. Camp counselors have extensive Y training and a genuine concern for children. Our camps help children develop their creative abilities, make new friends, learn more about nature, be active, and above all - have fun! The Two Rivers YMCA Camp program is one of the top summer programs in the Quad Cities and an experience kids will truly enjoy!

 Financial Assistance is available!  
Please send an email to for more information.


Entering Kindergarten through 6th Grade
(7th, 8th and 9th Graders should register for YLA below)

  Lunch Menu

  Field Trip Lunch Menu


Moline-East Moline YMCA Camp
May 30th - August 24th
Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 5:30pm

Register for each day your child will attend camp to reserve their spot. 
Daily Camp Rate: $35/day Financial Assistance Form
  Parent Guide

Small Wonders Group (K-1st Grade)

Small Wonders Camp Registration

  • Bakyardiagans
  • Teletubbies
  • Little Einsteins
  • Rolie Polie Olies


Strength & Values Group (2nd - 3rd Grade)

Strength & Values Camp Registration

  • Lil' Leopards
  • White Sharks
  • The Guardians
  • Iron Giants

  Strength & Values Activity Calendar

BTween Group (4th - 6th Grade)


Rock Island YMCA Camp (K-6th Grade)
June 5th - August 2nd
Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 5:30pm

Register for each day your child will attend camp to reserve their spot.
Daily Camp Rate: $35/day Financial Assistance Form
  Parent Guide

  Rock Island YMCA Activity Calendar


Kewanee YMCA Camp
May 30th - August 11th
Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:30pm

Register for each day your child will attend camp to reserve their spot
Daily Camp Rate: $33/day 
Half Day Camp Rate: $17/day

Financial Assistance Form

  Kewanee YMCA Camp Registration



Three kids outdoors, smiling at the camera


Campers experience a wide range of activities that make camp more than a day care program. 
Activities include:

  • leadership development
  • team building
  • problem solving
  • swimming
  • outdoor education
  • unique academic enrichment
  • field trips
  • values education
  • service learning
  • and much more. 

Our YMCA Character Development program teaches CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY.  We will be emphasizing these four values in all that we do during the summer.

Lunch is served to campers each day and menu will be made available each month of camp. Have a food allergy that requires substitutions or modifications to the provided lunch?  Download THIS FORM and have your primary care physician fill it out and return to Cami or Shannon.



Things like Swim Lessons and Sports Clinics can be added on to make a more customized camp experience for your child. Those attending camp at the Rock Island YMCA will have to supply their own transportation if adding on these experiences. 

Swim Lessons

June 13 -  Aug.8 (No class on July 4th)
Tuesdays  2:30pm - 3:00pm
Fee: $50 Member / $100 Community


2ND-6TH GRADES (Strength & Value)
Session : June 15 - Aug.3
Thursdays 3:00pm-3:45 pm
Fee: $50 Member / $100 Community



June 19-22
6-8yr olds
9:00am - 10:30am



June 26-29
6-10yr olds
9:00am - 11:00am



July 10th-13th 
Age: 8-10yr olds 
Time: 9:00am - 10:30am


July 10th-13th 
Age: 11-14yr olds 
Time: 10:45 - 12:15pm


Basketball Camp #1 

July 24-27
Age: 6-8
9:00am - 10:30am


July 24-27
Age: 9-11


Basketball Camp #2

August 14-17
Boys Age: 11-14 yr olds
9:00am - 10:30am


August 14-17
Girls Age: 11-14 yr olds
10:45am - 12:15pm






Each year we ask parents to donate one bottle of SPF 45+ sunscreen. Large portions of our days are spent outdoors at the Y. For the safety and well being of your children, we are asking for your assistance with the application of sunscreen, in the mornings, before they come to Y Summer Camp. With your permission, Y staff will assist your child to apply sunscreen at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 2:00 PM during each sunny camp day.

Please drop off the sunscreen with the Y staff at the sign in/out.

What Do Campers Need To Bring to Camp?

➔ Water bottle

➔ Socks - need a pair to wear for several areas throughout the day.

➔ Bring a bottle of SPF 45+ as a donation for summer camp. Please give it to staff at drop off and we will keep the sunscreen at the YMCA.

Dress Code

Campers must wear comfortable clothes, socks, and tennis shoes. Many activities require proper footwear and/or socks, such as the Kid’s Adventure Center. Children will not be permitted to participate in activities if they are not properly dressed.

Campers may bring hats and sunglasses for outside wear.

Drop Off

You will be able to drop your child(ren) off for camp, starting at 6:30 AM. Children need to be signed in upon arrival. Staff will come out to your car to help you get your child(ren) signed in for the day. You will be required to make sure the child(ren) is registered in advance each day. Please be aware that spots will fill up quickly.



Moline-East Moline YMCA Pick Up Information: 

When dropping off your camper at the Spirit, Mind & Body Center (1811 53rd Street), please follow the highlighted route on the map.

There will be a drop off zone in which you can pull up to sign in your camper.

Map of route: From 48th Street, turn East onto 18th avenue, turn into parking lot and drive up to front of building, passenger side to the building. Exit onto 53rd street.


Pick Up

Please park your car and come to the door where staff will greet you. You will be required to show a picture ID to our staff. Please keep in mind at pick up we may be transitioning from one area to the next, so you may need to wait a few minutes for your child.

If your camper is at another location within the Y, you will be given a Pick Up Pass that you will need to hand to the counselor that is with your child, before you are able to leave with them. Keep in mind, that after your child is signed out, you may be directed to drive to the YMCA main facility to pick up your child.  Please show your Pick Up Pass to the front desk staff, to enter the building to pick up your child.


Children must be picked up no later than 5:30pm. There is a LATE CHARGE of $1.00 per minute, per camper, if you pick your child(ren) up after 5:30pm. This fee will be added to your account. If you repeat this action, it may result in a removal from the program.

For Moline/East Moline YMCA
Please park your car in the Spirit, Mind and Body parking lot and come in to sign out your camper.  You will be given a Pick Up Pass and informed where your camper is located at that given time.

Please give the pass to the staff in their group and you are able to leave with your camper.  Campers will not be released without a Pick Up Pass

For Rock Island YMCA

Please park your car in the main parking lot and come in to sign out your camper.  You will be given a Pick Up Pass and informed where your camper is located at that given time.

Please give the pass to the staff in their group and you are able to leave with your camper.  Campers will not be released without a Pick Up Pass

Meals and Snacks

Campers arriving before 8:00 AM will receive a morning snack. All campers can receive a nutritional lunch provided by our Nourish Program or children may bring a lunch if they don’t like the menu items.

Menus will be posted and are subject to change. There are no refrigerators to keep lunch items cold or access to a stove/microwave to heat food for children. We will also provide a snack in the afternoon. The Y follows a healthy nutrition policy for all snacks and meals.

Food allergy?
Fill out this form and let us know. 

Campers may not chew gum during Y camp hours.

Swimming and Field Trips

We are planning our swimming and field trips schedules for the summer. Please keep an eye out for emails and check our website for updated information. Children who are not dropped off before the field trip leaves will not be able to stay at camp.

Financial Assistance

No person is denied care due to the inability to pay fees. The Y provides assistance on a sliding fee scale and we also accept state agency payments. We must have this information and application before May 15th to qualify for assistance. Families may only be on YMCA Assistance or State Assistance (cannot use both at one time).

State Assistance - If you are approved for assistance from the state, you will need to call the front desk of the YMCA at 797-3945 to register for camp. You will be responsible for paying your co-payment at the beginning of the month once approved. You can then register for all available dates for that month. If you are wanting to apply for assistance from Child Care Resource & Referral, please contact them at 309-205-3070 option #2. You will be sent a packet of information to fill out and once it is completed, please turn in the paperwork to the YMCA. The front desk staff will give you a form with further instructions. Due to current state guidelines, when parents submit state paperwork they must also submit a copy of their child’s immunization records.

Refund Policy

Your camper's daily reserved spots are non-refundable. For the health and safety of our campers, camp is reduced in size to allow for social distancing. Because of this, demand will be high and spots can only be reserved with payment.

Illness and Attendance

If your camper is not feeling well in the morning, has a temperature or is in the contagious stage of any illness please do not bring him/her to camp. You will be called and asked to pick up your child immediately. If your child misses camp due to illness they must be fever/symptom free for 24 hours before returning to camp. Parents are not required to call the Y to report their campers absent from camp.

If your child has COVID, or has been exposed, they will need to have a doctor’s note releasing them to return, or they will need to miss five days before they can return and also have no more symptoms.

Lice – You will be expected to pick up your child immediately from camp. Your child can return after one treatment.

Pink Eye – You will be expected to pick your child up immediately from camp. Your child should not return until after 24 hours on antibiotic eye drops.

Injury and First Aid

If your camper is injured during camp hours, we will handle all minor scrapes, scratches and bruises. We will call you if there are any questionable or serious injuries. The YMCA does carry liability insurance coverage. You have signed a release that you understand we are not responsible for injuries associated with accidents that occur during normal daily activities. Incidents will be discussed with the parents by phone, email or when campers are picked up.


Medication which needs to be administered during camp hours:

★All medication/inhalers must be checked-in with the staff member at the morning sign-in desk and be in a prescription bottle.

★Contain written instructions as to quantity, time to be administered, name and phone number of doctor, the prescription number, and the pharmacy where purchased. Additionally, written clearance must be given on the form called “Authorization to Administer Medication” which the staff will have at the YMCA. Dosage/quantity listed on the “Authorization to Administer Medication” form must match the quantity/dosage listed on the prescription bottle.

★Medication will be kept in a locked box or a locked cabinet, with instructions on file. Meds will be taken on field trips, park visits, or any other excursions outside of the YMCA so they can be administered at the proper times.

Lost and Found

Please have your camper’s name on everything they bring to the Y. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. After 30 days we will donate all lost and found items to Goodwill.

Toys, Cell Phones and things

Campers may not bring toys, cell phones, radios, video games, DS, small electronics, IPods, etc. to camp. Our staff will confiscate any of the above items and release them to the parents at the time of pick-up.

BTween Campers are allowed to bring electronic devices if their parents sign a permission slip. These permission slips can be picked up from our camp staff. BTween Campers are only allowed to be on their electronic devices at designated times. This is up to the discretion of their counselors.

Can my child leave camp on their own?

No camper may leave any area without an authorized adult who will check each camper in at arrival time or out at departure time. Campers must be in view of a staff member at all times.



A group of kids sitting in the grass smiling and laughing as a small robot picks up a waterbottle


Entering 7th - 9th Grades

May 30th  - August 24th

This program prepares young leaders to inspire and model positive behavior. They will earn a volunteer certificate at the end of camp for their service-learning, and create their own passion projects. Academy participants may be in the building between 6:30am - 5:30pm, however they will only have counselor supervision from 9:00am - 3:00pm. 

  YLA Activity Calendar

How to Sign Up For Youth Leadership Academy (YLA)

STEP #1: YLA CAMPER INFO FORM (7th-9th Grade)

Camper Information

Please submit this form ONCE for each student that you would like to register for Youth Leadership Academy (YLA).


This information will be provided to the Y staff who are supervising your student.

This form does not guarantee your child's spot in camp. (Your child's spot is reserved for each day that is paid for in advance during Step #2 of the Registration process)


Register for each day your student will attend YLA to reserve their spot.
The daily fee is $35/day per child.
Use the Financial Assistance Form for scholarship information.

YLA at 53rd Street Moline YMCA

Camp at Rock Island YMCA

The day(s) must be paid for in advance before attending and are non-refundable. 
Registration is open throughout camp and you can pay for each day in advance or as you go.

If this is your first time registering for a Y program online use this handy guide to make sure you have access to your online account
Note: A membership at the Y is not required to create your online account for online registrations.

Families on state aid may sign up for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time and must call the front desk 309-797-3945 to register. Co-payments must be paid in full before you can sign up for the upcoming month. The co-pay for June must be paid in full before signing up for July.

two campers and a counselor testing out their tin foil boats in a small kiddie pool



The Junior Counselor program will teach your young person how to work with kids in a summer camp setting. We train Junior Counselors to join our adult camp staff during YMCA summer programs to develop leadership and job skills.

Ages: Entering 9th - 10th Grades
Fee: $200/Members; $300/Community

Moline/East Moline Registration Rock Island YMCA Registration