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Mentoring Programs at the YMCA help teens develop their character and realize their full potential. Character Development is the process for cultivating the values, attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors that prepare youth to thrive in learning, in work, and in life. Our mentors intentionally focus on these five areas when interacting with the teen mentees: emotion management, empathy, relationship building, responsibility, and personal development.

We work every day to help youth set and achieve their personal and educational goals. Through our leadership and mentoring programs, we make sure that every child has an opportunity to envision and pursue a positive future, and to take an active role in strengthening their community.



In-Building youth program for youth in 6th, 7th and 8th grades

Y-Winners offers mentoring through weekly group sessions, learning kits, & academic tutoring. The Y Winners program is available at a minimal cost to members and the community due to the generous donations and support from our community.

Rock Island YMCA Youth Development Director: Victor Martinez
Moline-East Moline YMCA Youth Development Director

Y-Winners Program Details
- August-May (align with Moline and Rock Island District Calendar)

-  $10/month registration fee for members
   $28.50/month for community members

- Students checking in at the Moline-East Moline YMCA will check in at the Spirit, Mind and Body Center and obtain their daily wristband. They may stay to eat with Nourish or head to the YMCA using the NORTH ENTRANCE only.

- Students checking in at the Rock Island YMCA will check in with Victor Martinez to obtain their wristband at the front desk. 

- The Membership desk will not check in any unoccupied youth under 9th grade on school days before 6pm.
Students in 6th, 7th and 8th Grade must be enrolled in Y Winners or under the direct supervision of a responsible adult.

- Character development contract signed upon the start of the program and character building throughout the program.

Facility Youth Policy
- Youth age 13 and younger must leave the building by 8:00 PM unless they are under the care of a responsible adult.

- Youth fitness orientations are for ages 12 and 13. No parent is needed to take the class. A wristband is required for youth to use fitness areas, with no one age 13 or younger allowed in the Strength Center.

- Youth orientations 8-11 remain the same and a parent is needed for the orientation and to be present with the child while working out.



Y Winners FAQs

We are always striving to improve programming for our youth. Through Y Winners we will have more direct supervision from leadership staff, personal check-ins and mentoring opportunities, daily food provided by our Nourish program, and a focus on character development.

Why did you put this into place?

Safety, mentorship, accountability, relationship building, and youth development are priorities to address for this age group. We work with local school districts and other youth serving organizations in our community where we collaboratively see the needs first-hand. We are addressing these needs head-on so that we can provide a better Y for all.

When and where is the check-in for Y Winners?

All youth grades 6th, 7th, and 8th must be registered for Y Winners and check in at the Y’s Spirit, Mind, and Body Center (SMB) after school. Check in will not be allowed at the Two Rivers YMCA Membership Desk until after 4:30 pm. Prior to 4:30 pm all Y Winners must head to SMB first.

What happens when they check in?

Once checked-in, youth will receive a day specific wristband and a meal from our Nourish Food program. All meals will be served between 3:15 - 4:00 pm. (Eating is not required but the meal is available to everyone registered)

What if my child has an allergy? Will they be able to eat?

Yes! You will need to have a doctor fill out a medical form prior, stating specific allergies and any special accommodations that need to be made so that our staff have time to prepare a meal within the requirements stated by your doctor. This form can be found HERE or email Joe Moreno, Nourish Director.

Can they still go to the Two Rivers Y Facility after checking in at SMB?

Yes! After checking in at SMB and getting their wristband, participants can enter the Two Rivers YMCA 53rd Street building from 3:30 - 4:30 pm through the Y’s North Entrance (wristbands will be checked when entering the North Entrance).

Can my child still work out and use the gyms/play basketball, etc?

Yes! Once checked in to Y Winners and inside the Two Rivers YMCA building, youth are able to work out, utilize the gymnasiums, and use the Y facility as they did before. The difference now is that there is more structure and direction for the youth as well as a dedicated staff person to give more direct mentorship and character development.

Youth in Y Winners will also be filling out a Character Development Core Value sheet that outlines expectations for behavior and safety while at the Y.

Can my child arrive late?

Yes! If your child is in a sport or activity after school that delays their arrival time to Y Winners, they can still attend. If youth arrive after 3:30 pm they will need to come to the Membership Desk in the Two Rivers YMCA building (not SMB) to check in with a Membership Desk staff person to receive a wristband for the day.

Please note that meals from the Nourish Program are only available at SMB until 3:30pm. After meal time is over Y Winners move across the street to the Two Rivers YMCA Building.

What time does it end each day?

Y Winners ends at 6:00 pm every school day. From 6:00 - 8:00 pm youth ages 10+ can be in the building without being a part of Y Winners.

Important note: There is no leaving and returning. If you leave the Y once checked into Y Winners, you will not be able to return to the building for the remainder of that day.

Is there any transportation available from area Middle Schools to the Y?

At this time we do not have transportation for Y Winners. We continue to evaluate and address community needs and will update this information in the future if there are changes.

How do I sign up and how much does it cost?
Rock Island YMCA Registration

53rd Street-Moline YMCA Registration

You can also register at the Membership Desk of any Two Rivers YMCA Location.


The cost is a minimal $10/month (for members) or $28.50/month (for community members).

Can I sign up for the whole school year?

We know that schedules change. We are making Y Winners as flexible as possible by offering it by the month. You are able to choose and sign up for whichever months you’ll be utilizing. For example, you can sign up for September and October but not November. Do what works for your schedule!

What about early releases and half days?
  • Y Winners will start when school ends and the meal will still be served at the it's normal time.. 
  • On early release days, Y Winners will start when school is out. A full lunch will be served after check in. 
  • Y Winners will not be in session when there is no school.
Why is there a cost for this program when I already pay for a membership?

In the past, the Y offered a Y Winners program with very limited capacity, fewer meeting times, and less of an opportunity to reach a wide scope of 6-8 grade students. This Y Winners offering expands the reach, gives direct access to a responsible role model in a mentorship capacity, helps us address food insecurity through our Nourish Food Program, and provides stability and accountability for this age group within these walls. This minimal fee covers these benefits that were never able to be a part of this program in the past.