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100 Mile Swim Club

Start tracking your yardage on January 1st, and see how fast you can hit 100 miles! Participants track their distance on charts provided and the Leaderboard will be updated weekly. The Club Members (who have hit 100 miles) will have their names displayed throughout the year. T-shirts and Hoodies also available for those who complete challenge. Laps must be swum and recorded at the Two Rivers YMCA or in an official sporting event. Who will hit 100 first? 

For more details, contact:

  Moline-East Moline YMCA

  Kewanee YMCA

Intermediate to the Master Swim Club

This class is for advanced fitness and will train you to swim more efficiently. This class is ideal for those wanting to be swimming in Triathlons or up their swimming techniques. Each class is instructed and coached by Caleb Carlson, who was an Olympic trial swimmer.

Ages: 18+

  Moline-East Moline YMCA


Master Swim Club

Master Swim is open to adults 16 and older who are looking to improve their fitness through the sport of swimming. Workouts vary throughout the week and focus on speed, endurance, and technique. Each workout is coached by a former D-1 Olympic trial college swimmer Caleb Carlson who will provide tips and feedback to improve your swimming ability.

Ages: 18+

  Moline-East Moline YMCA


Kraken Swim Team 

The team is open to any Y member ages 6-21 years of age, capable of swimming one full lap, front and back crawl. If not a current Y member, scholarships are available! USA Swimming Membership is optional, but STRONGLY recommended. USA Swimming meets do count toward YMCA qualifying times!
No prorates available.

ALL TEAM MEMBERS must be a current year long YMCA member per YUSA swimming rules
Coached by Matt Bersell and Heidi McKibbon.

Swim Team meets every Monday-Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm at the Kewanee YMCA

  Kewanee YMCA Registration

Questions about the Kraken Swim Team can be directed to Jason Thieme at 309.506.2193 or e-mail Jason Thieme.