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A Mission I Can Stand Behind

Stacey Anderson and her family have been Y members for three years and participate in everything from group exercise classes to swim lessons to family time in the Adventure Center. She loves the progress the kids have made in swim lessons with her oldest now in level 6 and her youngest starting from Parent/Child lessons and recently passing into level 4! "Our kids look forward to lessons every week," she says. 

Stacey believes in the mission of the Y and loves that every kid can participate, even if they can't afford it, due to the scholarship program available through the Annual Campaign funds. She's even volunteered to be an "Aquatics Ambassador" this summer to help raise funds for our program scholarships! "Everyone deserves to be healthy in spirit, mind, and body," says Stacey. "This is a mission I stand behind."

Locations: Two Rivers YMCA
Category: Personal Y Stories