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Judo is a special martial art and Olympic sport! Participants will develop coordination, discipline, self-esteem & group cooperation. Consists mainly of throwing, grappling, safe falling & rolling. Perfect class for beginners and those who have experience! 

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Tae Kwon Do

This is Martial Art and combat sport that originates from Korea and focuses on high-intensity, dynamic kicking and striking techniques. Emphasizes discipline, respect, as well as mental and physical strength.

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Hapkido (10+)

Hapkido is a combination of Judo, Karate, and Hapkido. A mixture in which helps students achieve a true balance of action, mediation, speed and power. Students start with learning basic techniques, with emphasis on how to properly execute them. These basic techniques are revisited as combinations in later belts to refine the student's understanding ,and to enhance their coordination.

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Advanced Martial Arts

This class is for Advanced students who have demonstrated a higher skill level than the basic/intermediate level, have taken TaeKwonDo or have instructor permission to register.

Currently only offered at the Kewanee YMCA.  Stop by or call the Membership Desk to register.